“Designing a dream city is easy, rebuilding a living one takes imagination”.
Jane Jacobs

Historical Building Restoration

How can we face the future with ease? By acting with responsibility in the present to carefully conserve and preserve buildings from the past.

“We strongly believe that vacant, dilapidated and unkempt buildings are dangerous, both physically and psychologically. They make the surrounding area unsavoury and potentially unsafe. Building owners who neglect their buildings demonstrate huge disrespect to our city, other building owners and to all people visiting and living nearby” *

We realize this vision through strategic deconstruction, thoughtful reconstruction and qualified restoration.

*Howard Elliot – Managing Editor, The Hamilton Spectator (2011)

Contemporary Building Restoration

We see the future and it is Urban.

In the past decade, the pendulum has swung. There is now a greater number of the world’s population living in Urban habitats vs rural. Now is the time to build landmarks, not landfills.

Contemporary building restoration requires the expertise of special access, the understanding that maintaining properties will improve property values and the desire to re-claim landmarks for the enjoyment of this and future generations.

Interior Reconstruction

How important to your life is your environment? Your answer should be: “very”.

It has been proven repeatedly that to achieve a healthy, focused and productive life, whether socially, occupationally or domestically, the space we occupy needs to be inspiring, creative and gratifying.

As with our Historical Architectural Restoration processes, Historia Building Restoration brings specialized skills, knowledge and a heritage recreation approach to every interior project we have the pleasure to work on.

Historia Advanced

We also offer

Historia Building Restoration offers state-of-the-art, purpose built management software that allows our clients to see real-time project schedules, budgets, site daily activities and more, all in one place. Get in touch for further details.