Jeff Feswick CEO and Founder

Jeff Feswick

President and CEO


Jeff loves heritage buildings. He admires and respects the generations of skill, talent and workmanship that went into their construction. Recognizing that the craftsmanship in this built heritage is not often valued, Jeff was determined to preserve as many of the remaining heritage buildings in the region as he could. That’s what motivated him to form Historia Building Restoration 30 years ago, making his commitment to Hamilton’s built heritage evident all around the Golden Horseshoe.

Along Historia’s journey, Jeff’s passion for our built environment has proved contagious, as he has drawn together a committed team of restoration experts. At the helm since its foundation, Historia’s success has been made possible by Jeff’s integrity, tenacity and his choices when selecting his company team and his commitment to the clients he works with.

Jeff is also a Patron of the arts, board member of various arts and heritage groups, and co-founder of the first coworking space in Hamilton’s downtown core, but his original vision continues to be realized through his flagship company, Historia Building Restoration.

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